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Fully digital. From surgical planning to prosthetic restoration.
Digitization is becoming more and more important in the field of implantation therapy. Medical Instinct® offers you concerted solutions – from surgical 3D planning to CAD/CAM manufactured superstructures. As your innovative partner in dental implantology, Medical Instinct® offers a variety of prefabricated structural concepts and digital solutions which will allow you to respond optimally to the requirements of a rapidly changing market.
Would you like to utilize the CAD software and libraries of leading suppliers or work completely freely with “open STL data”? We offer you digital freedom! Medical Instinct® Original CAD/CAM abutments facilitate your digital workflow and ensure the highest standards of quality and precision.
CAD/CAM adhesive base titanium

BoneTrust® CAD/CAM adhesive bases are available in straight and angled versions and different gingival heights and provide optimal connection between the implant and the individually milled construction for the crown and bridge technique. Either a corresponding scan cap or a scan abutment can be chosen as a means of transfer.

CAD/CAM adhesive base titanium short
The adhesive base titanium short offers you more design freedom at extremely limited vertical space conditions. The modeling aid measures only 3.4 mm at a gingival height of 0.7 mm. Available incl. scan set or individually.
CAD/CAM Flexbase
FlexBase abutments offer maximum flexibility for milled and tension-free adhered framework constructions, such as bars, occlusally screwed bridges or hybrid solutions.
Since the abutments do not have anti-rotational mechanisms and since they are available in straight as well as angled versions, angulations can be easily compensated.
CAD/CAM titanium base for Cerec®*
CAD/CAM titanium bases for the Cerec® system. Standard delivery includes the retaining screw. Please order the scanbody and ceramic blocks from Sirona Dental Systems GmbH or your specialist dealer. Only size S ceramic blocks can be used.
Medical Instinct® milling blanks
Original BoneTrust® plus milling blanks made of pure titanium enable the production of individually milled titanium abutments. Here, the prefabricated BoneTrust® plus original connection guarantees you maximum precision and an accurate fit. The scan-abutment is required for the model scan.
Wide-body abutments
Allows switching from the implant diameter to a wide prosthetic platform for particularly esthetic results. Specially developed for all-ceramic restorations.
Harmonized, rounded design to avoid tension in the ceramic (chamfer). Triangular, rounded modeling aid as anti-rotational mechanism. For optimal shaping of soft tissue, correspondingly dimensioned gingiva formers are available.
Ceramic base
The ceramic base was specially developed for restorations with all-ceramic crowns and is characterized by a very harmonious design. The oval modeling aid serves as an anti-twist protection for the crown. The rounded shoulder (chamfer) prevents stress peaks. Distance height 0.7 mm.

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