Surgery sets & instruments

Surgery sets & instruments

We offer you three surgery trays of your choice, tailored to different practice concepts.
The basis for successful implantation is the precise and atraumatic preparation of the bony implant bed with a properly matched and clearly arranged instrument set.
Therefore, all BoneTrust® surgical sets and instruments have been developed in close cooperation with experienced surgical teams and are characterized by excellent ergonomics and clear positioning of all components. This ensures safe and fast treatment procedures.
Includes colored “drill guide” that guides you reliably from the marking hole to the last hole. All six BoneTrust implant systems can be adjusted with each of the three tray variants. Drill stops are optionally available for extension drills.
BoneTrust® surgery tray universal
The BoneTrust® Surgical Tray universal was developed in close cooperation with experienced OR teams to ensure an optimal overview, perfect ergonomics and safe treatment processes. The colored “drill guide” facilitates finding the required instrument. All instruments for the surgical and prosthetic procedures of the six BoneTrust implant systems are included. Available in black and white.
BoneTrust® surgery tray ECO line
The BoneTrust® ECO tray is a compact and economic alternative to the BoneTrust® universal tray. It is also equipped with the colored “drill guide”, is stackable and, thanks to its small dimensions of only 20 x 16 x 17 cm, also fits into the chambers of smaller sterilizers. The ECO tray can be used for the placement of all BoneTrust® implant systems.
BoneTrust® wash tray
One tray for everything. The Medical Instinct® wash tray holds the entire range of instruments of the BoneTrust® implant systems, including accessories for guided implantology by means of the BoneTrust® guide concept. The stainless steel tray was developed especially for reprocessing in thermal disinfection devices and meets the validation requirements of the RKI hygiene guidelines.
BoneTrust® prosthetic tray
All instruments for the prosthetic restoration of BoneTrust® implants in a single set. In addition to two screwdrivers of different lengths, the set includes the BoneTrust® torque ratchet, which enables precise torque setting. Also included is a universal adapter with a DIN mount for all contra-angle instruments. The set can therefore also be used for other implant systems.
BoneTrust® mini tray

The BoneTrust® mini tray underlines the uniqueness of the system at first glance and offers space for all instruments, including the necessary implants, abutments and screws. The unique lid mechanism ensures that everything stays in its place when closed.

BoneTrust® gingiva former tray
Unique design for storing and sterilizing all available gingiva formers of the BoneTrust® plus implant system. Clear arrangement of the various shapes, gingival heights and the hand screwdriver. Everything is and remains in its place.
BoneTrust® drill stop tray
Drill stop tray to hold the 15-piece drill stop set. By moving the tray cover to the corresponding diameter marker, the drilling stops of the individual drill diameters are “released” and can be removed directly with the respective drill.


So sharp, they should actually be behind bars.
The drills of the BoneTrust® implant systems were developed in close cooperation with our long-term cooperation partner Komet Dental. They are marked with a consistent color coding and are characterized by optimal cutting performance, even at lower rotational speed. Due to the special geometry, sufficiently large and vital bone chips can be obtained. Thanks to a special matting process, the groove markings are easy to read in all surgical situations. Optionally, color-coded depth stops are available for the extension drills.

BoneTrust® Easy Screw according to Dr. Bayer

The universal screw-in aid for all implant systems.
The ergonomically designed and universally applicable screw-in instrument facilitates the manual screwing in of implants in the anterior area thanks to its axis-optimized positioning. In the DIN mount, all common contra-angle instruments can be used. As a truly universal tool, the “Easy Screw” is ideal for all steps, from thread cutting through implant insertion to screwing in prosthetic components, and can be used for all implant systems.

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